Salman Developers is one of the most esteemed respected business groups in the country and one of the leading Land holders of Lahore. It has successfully launched many prestigious landmark real estate projects in the past thereby making it one of the most trustworthy names of real estate development. The Grand Square Mall is yet another landmark project of Salman Developers that is set out to raise the bar of standards in shopping, entertainment and corporate sector.
The Group maintains a team of high caliber professionals comprising of planners, designers and architects is maintained to deliver world-class housing and commercial projects. Highly skilled personnel are also on board to plan and execute projects aligned with luxurious living standards of modern times.
The Group aims are to strive for excellence to lead and compete by offering the best solutions and to earn trust among their customers, employees and stakeholders. They definitely believe in delivering par excellence.

Best property developer in Lahore


Salman Developers are the leading and luminous name in the history of real estate, land development and construction business of Lahore. They are one of Lahore’s well known and established businessman families renowned as “Zaildar” family whose roots are genuinely and deeply embedded with Lahore. Trails of their forefather’s kinship with Lahore are almost three centuries older.

Since 1958 they have earned a reputation as pioneer of modern landholder, development, and construction of residential and commercial projects in the main hubs of southern Lahore  like Cavalry ground, Gulberg, Liberty market, Model Town,  Barkat market Garden Town, Ayubia market Muslim town, Main Canal, Raiwind Road and so many incalculable smaller and medium size level projects. They never worked as commission agent in their history of business.  All these projects were equipped with necessary amenities of life like sewerage, water supply, power supply, Sui gas, carpeted road with complete community development.

Salman Developers is a family owned business and continuity of a glorified history of prominent land marks. Present leadership is not only experienced but very enthusiastic and passionate to carry forward their ancestor’s legacy and mission to build more dignified and modern projects according to International standards. Some of the recent ongoing projects in housing are “Land Breeze housing scheme” and “Land Breeze farm housing” which is located at a prime location on Raiwind road and going to serve the needs of potential buyers and residents according to modern standards. Whereas another landmark as construction project “Grand Square Mall” is going to be “A Feather in Cap” of Salman developers accomplishments. This has an ideal location in the heart and nerve of Lahore, “Main Boulevard Gulberg”, where not only land is expensive but scarce also. They are coming up with three prongs and niche targeted marketing approach means firstly to offer a cluster of spacious corporate offices to business community according to international standards, secondly shopping mall for Lahorites having brand sense and third is the fun area for kids and fine-dining restaurants for food lovers. This will be really a unique landmark of its type in the realm of real estate business.

This journey is continued at robust pace to meet the future challenges and opportunities like CPEC transit routes who have unveiled a new horizon of nation-wide prosperity and sustainable growth on long term basis. Salman Developers undoubtedly has both capability and capacity to respond and capitalize these opportunities as Trend setters for generations to come.


To become a successful and sustainable business organization, apart from a good business plan an organization need to build foundation on three strong pillars so that it can respond to modern age challenges and these are;

(1) Business values (2) Capable team (3) Continuous Innovation

Business values:
Since inception of this business our accomplishments are by virtue of our forefather’s values which they not only ingrained in their business practices but developed as our character also. I really feel proud to have such legacy and make sure to pass on these values to our present team and future leaderships of Salman builders.

Capable Team:

Our land development and construction business is heavily dependent on the usage of state of art hardware and software both, but one can’t undermine the importance of a “Man behind the gun” whose skill set combined with zest enable us to make dreams come true in the shape of dignified land marks. I am fortunate to be part of such vibrant and ambitious team who not only knows to handle the nitty-gritty of this business but they are more than passionate to achieve set targets at individual and organizational level.

Continuous Innovation:

In today’s world from designing a small electronic chip to space ships, innovation is a key to success for any business or product. Similarly in our business conventional methodology of land development and construction is no more prevalent. Now end user is more knowledgeable and exposed to latest trends. Thus we have got onboard a separate team of talented designers, architects and engineers who are completely dedicated to do research on international trends and then translate them into innovative and commercially saleable projects.

Current Achievements:

I am really happy with our current year’s performance not only in terms of the financial gains but a successful launch of two Mega projects in Housing and Construction. In case of Housing, Land Breeze project located at an ideal location on the main Raiwind Road has two major segments and both are at completion stage one is Land Breeze Housing Scheme and other is Land Breeze farm Housing. Both have been designed and built considering the targeted clientele’s need, requirement and delightness. Whereas Construction project “Grand Square Mall” is a high ranking and illustrious projects in the town by its location, design, architecture, facilities and most important concept. Here corporate offices, shopping mall and recreation area are combined in an elegant way. Considering the current rules &regulations of land use for corporate sector by governmental regulatory authorities, this is going to replace conventional practice of settling in residential areas with contemporary and stylish offices clustered in one place. So this is a smart solution in the present era of smart devices where every basic and modern application is provided through one window operation of Salman Developers Management.

Future Goals:

Salman developers, as of our acclaimed history for projects, also have a clear vision for future goals as under:

1-Adequate and valid utilization of land considering the way Lahore has stretched out in last couple of decades towards its outskirt because now land is not only expensive but scarce also. So likewise any world’s leading metropolitan city there is a need of vertical developments in housing and commercial projects. Thus our main focus will be to launch such projects while fulfilling the need of time and most important our clients.

2-All future residential and commercial project whether they are on selling or rental basis will be managed by the professional team of Salman developers according to rules and regulations for project maintenance like; uninterrupted power supply with proper back up, air-conditioning, elevators, clean drinking water and availability of 24-hour vigilant security, supervisory and maintenance staff.

3-Unlike in the past, every project now will be properly launched under the flagship of Salman Developers through professional and latest use of Digital marketing campaign so it hasn’t only a local but international outreach. We have many potential Pakistani clients settled outside Pakistan as expat as well as many foreign clients because of CPEC transit routes have shown an incredible interest in our projects.

4-To lead as trend setter through our continuous innovations considering our client comfort and satisfaction for the price value they are getting against their heard earned money and lifetime savings in the form of future investments. We are a strong believer of “word of mouth” marketing strategy as it has a snow ball and long lasting impact to flourish and sustain in such competitive world.



Real estate industry plays a significant role as a growth engine in the economy. Salman Developers as one of the largest developers in Lahore has enabled rapid growth for the state. Therefore Salman Developers with its in-depth knowledge and experience as a prime developer has leveraged its resources to undertake residential, commercial and office towers. With the dedicated contributions of professional workforces including architects, designers, engineers, consultant, skilled and experienced project personnel, we take the challenge to achieve greater elevation in the real estate sector.


“Our customers are partners” has become an adage in today’s customer service regime. Undoubtedly this isn’t only marketing tag line but has become a real cause of survival where end consumer is well connected, well-travelled and excessively loaded with trends and update in this digital world. Those days have gone when traditional maps of projects were drawn by draftsman, contractors used to build houses with their team of masons and loaders and agents used to sell on commission basis. Now in this modern world, a real developer has to work with professional team of designers, architects & engineers, sales & marketing team while having customers on same side of table instead across the table. They work hand in hand right from the start of concept building to the completion of customer’s dream land. This relationship doesn’t wind up here but continue to maintain and improve the project management by team of Salman Developers in the light of the Company rules and regulations.

Best property developer in Lahore


Word “QUALITY” for Salman Developers isn’t merely attributed to quality of land development, construction and building materials but this is more than a trust and confidence which their ancestors have earned of their customers through their untiring day and night efforts. Our present and future leadership isfocused not only to consolidate but ornament this traditionwith continuous improvements in our service level. Our success isn’t only restrained torewarding launch and selling of the projects but in fact it is the Quality of Lifestyle which our customers enjoy after acquiring ownership of their space in their land of dreams. This truly symbolizes the meanings of Quality to Salman Developers.

Best property developer in Lahore