Gwadar port name is quite famous especially with respect to CPEC project. It is among biggest ports worldwide. Development of CPEC has opened new opportunities for development & prosperity not only in Gwadar but in the entire Pakistan. It is expected that the extent of per year trade will reach multiple trillion dollars just through Gwadar after CPEC completion. This port city of Gwadar will become hub of trade. Currently it is also attracting large numbers of investors for investing the property of Gwadar city. Property prices in Gwadar have doubled since previous year. This rise is expected to continue in the future both near and far due to development progresses over there. Thus it is quite an important thing to know the infrastructure in Gwadar which is developed for sustaining heavy future developments.

One of the best attributes of good infrastructure is that it speaks volumes with respect to future happenings. Development authority of Gwadar i.e. GDA is currently working on multiple commercial as well as residential projects within area. this work is important as increasing port activity has resulted in large numbers of people heading towards Gwadar for new work and other economic opportunities. In turn this will increase demands for properties in this city. Currently 3 best property investment choices in Gwadar are;

  • Open land
  • Marine-drive commercial
  • Residential societies


GDA is currently managing about 150 societies of real estate. Majority of these are private societies and hence not suitable for investment. Only safest options for investment that are approved by GDA include Sanghar and New Gwadar Town.


It is a jewel for real estate investment due to its attractive location. GDA has worked enough to develop it. There are five phases in this society. Four phases are residential whereas one phase is solely for commercial properties. Sizes of commercial and residential properties are as following;

  • Residential Plots of 400 Square yard
  • Residential Plots of 600 Square yard
  • Residential Plots of 1,000 Square yard
  • Commercial plots of 1-16 kanal

Prices for residential properties range from 22-70 lacs whereas that of commercial plots per kanal is from 90-120 lacs.

New Gwadar town

This is another housing scheme offered by GDA and is located at a central location. There are opportunities for real estate investment. It comprises of 4 phases including both commercial and residential plots. Area division of residential plots is 16, 20 & 40 Marla. Commercial plots also come in different measurements. Pricing range for residential plots is from 8-45 lacs for two kanal plots. Starting price for commercial plots is 60 lacs per kanal and goes up-to 130 lacs.


This is just an introduction to major real estate investment opportunities of Gwadar property. There is much more to know and understand if you have decided to make an investment over there. City of Gwadar is a new one that is highly recommended for investment over long term. Don’t overlook these opportunities as these will be valued in gold in the upcoming years.