Current status of Pakistan is a developing country but it is expected that it will soon make its place among developed countries. The major contribution is expected to be from its CPEC project that is under progress. Pakistan is at number 26th with respect to purchasing power of people whereas considering the GDP it is ranked at 44th. Pakistan has good name in agriculture products, fruits and sea food mainly along with its credibility in the world of sports goods. Pakistan is a fertile country that is known to be land of the five rivers and homes population of 200 million. Among these 200 million people 56% reside in Punjab and Sindh gets second ranking with 42 million people. Main city of the country that is known to be the business city is Karachi. Other main cities like Peshawar, Lahore, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, Multan, Islamabad and Faisalabad are also well known for business opportunities.


With increase in business opportunities and increase in population, real estate sector is also growing. This is because of the demands of growing population. People demand good housing with better amenities and this is the reason for this sector to boom. Investors of real estate sector are thus enjoying higher returns for their investments. As per authentic sources Pakistan`s per year spending on the construction projects are $5.2 billion which is equal to 2 percent of the GDP of the country. In the past about 70 percent people were living in the rural areas whereas industrialization in the major cities has caused people to move forward and get settled in the major cities for better life facilities. Different things that affect real estate sector are life style, health facilities, better education, employment opportunities and better facilities for a better future.   There is a rising demand of homes and commercial building particularly for rental purposes in the entire country with major focus on major cities.


It is thus the time for investors and developers to invest in the real estate of Pakistan for fetching juicy returns from their investments in the future. Government of Pakistan has also announced some projects including one named as Ashiana housing whereas mega housing is another project is the housing project from prime minister that is currently under planning phase. This project is also a project to keep an eagle eye on and make bid when project initiates. It is also great strategy to focus on the middle & upper middles classes as these people are more interested in buying and renting properties and better residentially than others. If you are a private investor then your focus should never ignore needs of these 2 classes. Among cities in the countries let`s talk about opportunities in the Lahore. It is the second largest city in the country and is also capital of the province Punjab. In Lahore there are huge requirements of the residential home that leads to new & modern constructions within city. You can choose any of these projects to make an investment in and if you are a giant investor then you can also think about starting your own housing scheme.   Choice is yours but keep in mind that this is the right time to think and act.