Real Estate as the Booming Sector in Pakistan

Due to improved security conditions, increased foreign investment and overall good conditions has increased confidence of investors in the economy of the country. Overall trend of Pakistan`s economy is upwards trajectory. It is reflected by booming properties sector of the country that shows dual return on investments. This is particularly the case in the metropolitan areas. Commodity prices has increased and stock market is showing lower returns whereas real estate industry is currently encompassing significant growth. See reports about Karachi, country`s biggest city, Lahore and Islamabad where reports indicate great return for real estate investors. Trend as per authentic reports reveal sound cash liquidity as well as confidence of investors in their decisions. Normally, stock market and real estate both move with same trends but current scenarios are in favor of real estate.

Karachi has topped list of cities that are sound with respect to investment opportunities. Prices of 250 & 500 yards plot-areas have increased by average of 25 percent. In case of DHA city prices were increased by 67 percent on average basis whereas in case of Bahria Town this percentage has fallen by 14 percent in the recent years. This decrease was due to concerns of investors despite of developmental works in that area. Lahore is the 2nd largest metropolitan that provides good returns whereas value of 250 & 500 yards plots were high by 8 percent on average during 2015. As compared to performance of Bahria Town in Karachi, that of Lahore shows marvelous increase of 14 percent whereas DHA Lahore showed flat trends.

Returns for investors in Islamabad are same as that of Lahore where plots of 250 & 500 yards are available at increased price of 7.5 percent. In Islamabad, sector F11 provides highest returns by an average increase of 13.5 percent whereas that of Bahria town shows flat trend. In a net shell, there are great investment opportunities in all these cities. Not only these metropolitan areas but also other notable cities are great for real estate investment. Predictions of experts are becoming true and we all can see how people investing in real estate are enjoying returns in the form of rentals and sale proceeds. A property purchased now can be sold in the next 2 years at at-least 10% profit margin. All metropolitan areas have great opportunities to provide phenomenal results for investors. Karachi is at the top of the list for property investment return since 2011.

Prices of plots are also increasing at significant rates and this is the right time for making investment. If you have cash and want to invest it in something good, real estate is the great choice because of future sound returns. With increase in income of people, lifestyle has also improved and now people want more comfortable living. People prefer to start their business and hence need for commercial building and plazas are also rising. All these factors indicate that real estate will evidence new booms during upcoming years. So make a good use of your hard earned money for earning more in the future.