When considering the immigration of agents of real estate, Gwadar is the biggest place. These agents are one of the foremost persons to take benefit of the newest & greatest opportunities in history. This has resulted in investors getting more interested just like their agents. Increased investment opportunities have resulted in higher interest by potential investors. Increased commercial activity within this area is a perk that every investor must give a try to achieve. Persons moving to Gwadar are in need of places for eating, working and living. Result is a boom to prices of both residential and commercial properties in both New Town and airport road. An option is to invest in Green Palms that is in the developing phase. Prices of land in Gwadar have increased by 200%. This increase can be attributed to efforts of Green Palm`s Rafi Group.

Investment cycles have ups & downs and similar to all other cycles that of Gwadar can also be expected to have same trend. Since start of CPEC project, this spike is first noticeable one. This is the beginning of a golden era for real estate investors. Following are some of the best sparkling areas for investment purposes.

  • Marine drive
  • Airport commercials
  • Sanghar scheme
  • New-Town phase one

These are the areas which are developed in the entire area of Gwadar. This means these areas are the places for all types of residential and commercial activities. Investment bubble of high rates with respect to both non-developed locations and raw land may burst within short times above mentioned areas are the developed ones. If you invest in these areas now you will see continuous and sustained growth in upcoming years.


After carefully analyzing selected areas, we have arranged these in the following priority order with respect to investment opportunities.


This is the most secure and most regulated area that comes without any kind of legal complications. In the entire area of Gwadar, this is the most secure housing society. Its location is unique and ideal as well. This scheme offers commercial and residential plots that are suitable for hotels and all types of other projects.


This comes second in the list of commercial areas with potential opportunities. There is great commercial activity in this place at present and this is expected to go along the years as time passes. The reason for ranking it second is due to some irregularities and issues of raw land.


This comes at third ranking and it is going to be a huge business center in the coming years. This will be the commercial hub which is a great place to invest. Before you make investment you must consider that there are no commercial activities currently going on in that place and also some irregularities are there. Future is however going to be a great one.


This place is ideal for investments in residential properties. In order to meet rising demands for residential properties, prices here will go up.

So make a wise decision by availing benefits of the opportunities in above mentioned places.