Why to Invest in Real Estate

The main reasons for purchasing the stock certificates of a company are to earn from increase in value of the stock and also dividend income from company. In case of bonds, this return is in the form of interest. There are many other things to invest but here we are telling you about advanced and high profit generating area in Pakistan in the current scenario. This is investment in real estate. You won`t believe but many people are increasing their earnings by investing in this business. Logic behind increased trend is that of superior return in case of both rentals and sale. Each property you purchase increases in value as time passes and hence its worth also increases leading to the attractive cash flow. Some of the benefits of investing in properties are as following, but remember these are the least not the last.

Cash Flows

Time for investment in stock is obsolete and it is replaced by modern thought of investing in properties. You get dividend in case of stock purchase but it depends upon profitable position of the company as to whether it will pay dividend or not. In case of having your own rental property, you enjoy attractive rentals each month without having to worry about the financials of other party. It is not contingent on any factor; it is an absolute surety that you will receive each month in the form of your income. Not only rentals but also selling of property or land purchased is also a business that earns good margins. As in Pakistan prices of real estate fluctuate far more than any other thing, and trend is upwards in 99.99% cases. So, if you have purchased a property today, you can expect to sale it with a profit margin of at least 10% in the next 1 or 2 years. This is minimum ratio and there is no limit for max.

Appreciation in value

In Pakistan, real estate has been proved to be excellent profit course via increase in value of investment property. You can observe it yourself that with the introduction of new projects like CPEC, there is need for properties. Development in the countrywide has led to increase in need for more commercial and residential buildings. If today, you invest in a building for example a plaza or a commercial office like that we see in Islamabad and Karachi, Lahore etc. you are going to get huge sums of money in the future when you will rent these or when you will sale these.  Another way to increase property value is to slightly improve its appearance & functionality by upgrading it as per current trends. These include use of appliances that are energy efficient, windows, centralized AC system in case of commercial buildings, insulation etc. By keeping the property interesting as per latest trends & styles, its original value increases with market appreciation.

Invest in property today for enjoying great return in the near future as prices of properties in Pakistan increase unexpectedly.