Considering the interest of real investors in enhancing their business scope and also that of other people who are thinking to establish their future as a real estate investor, we have come up with an analysis. This analysis is about recent trend of real estate properties in different areas of Pakistan. This analysis will help you for buying & selling properties and also to decide where to buy and when to buy and sell. We have selected some of the areas for our analysis. This is first part of our analysis. This analysis will cover real estate properties in

  • Sangar Gawadar
  • DHA Bahawalpur
  • DHA Gujranwala


There are houses constructed in Phase 1 of the Sangar society. This society is strongest area for investment in the entire Gwadar. Overall market is currently low but in the upcoming years, Gwadar is going to be one of the most expensive cities of Pakistan. It is good to make investment now for reserving your share in the future. Slow market will eventually pick-up. Prices will remain stable in the few upcoming months and this is the right time to invest. Later on increase in prices will lead to handsome returns.


This is one of the actively progressing DHA schemes. It has failed to grab attention in the past but now recent months` analysis depicts increased interest of people. Investors from big cities are getting attracted to the lower prices of properties currently. This DHA scheme of Bahawalpur is still struggling for prices. For longer term investment comprising of more 3 to 5 years, this is a good option. For investors having budget of less than 3 million, they can also make an investment here. This is a great investing place as it holds brighter future prospects for profits. It is also a hassle free investment that will save much of your money and effort. Prices during recent months show stable trend and this trend is going to be the same during upcoming months. After a year or 2 it is going to face an increase of prices say boosted increase. Your current investment will then get increased value whether sold or rented out.


Last one in our first part of analysis is DHA Gujranwala. One kanal property price is decreased from 46 to 45 lacs. It closely competes with the DHA Multan. Some issues were faced by DHA Gujranwala but these are resolved now and property prices are getting stable. This scheme of DHA has optimum potential for investment properties. You can now get 10 Marla plots for 32 lacs. In the near future months prices will remain nearly same. An increase is expected to show after a year. Making an investment now as the prices are low can be a golden opportunity because price increase is obvious considering the other DHA schemes in various cities.

Hopefully this analysis is helpful in showing some of the best investment opportunities available for investors. A wise start with fewer amounts is better than a random high budget step without planning.