Taking into account the current investment trends in Pakistan, it can be forecasted that property prices will rise. This rise in cities adjacent to CPEC project is mainly due to CPEC impact. Chinese expatriates are looking for housing places compatible with their living needs. Property in the city of Gwadar is particularly going to see a high rise in prices particularly close to completion of CPEC. Property sector of Pakistan is experiencing an upward growth since previous decade. That is not in any small portion because of the strong performances of (GDP) Gross domestic product since 2005. On average per year increase rate is 5%. Currently population of Pakistan is about 200 million but there are a few cities where there is major economic activity like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. This means for evolving and getting approach to major layers of economics, there must be decentralization of more of economic activity to other cities as well.

When talking about global increase in prices of real estate, role and situation of Pakistan real-estate cannot be ignored. There is a steady increase in prices. Property locations like those in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore have witnessed higher demand for both consumers and realtors. Pricing in case of such properties is reaching over millions of US dollars due to their importance and their critical location. For example consider a house at some location like Defense, Gulberg, Model town or likely society that will cost about $200,000-$500,000. Prices are rapidly increasing and it can be easily forecasted that this rising trend will continue in the upcoming years. Current prices are also very high say high up-to 5 times than those few years back.  Property owners are not selling their properties as they are becoming aware of the fact of possible future increase in prices and what benefit they can get form their properties` price increase.

If you are an investor and thinking about the right time to invest then dude this is the right time to invest. Don’t wait for perfect timings because no time is perfect it is only your decision that will decide whether upcoming time would be perfect or not. For enjoying greater returns for high property prices, you need to buy these now. Prices are for sure going to go up and will go up and up. Till now, no limit can be defined to the extent to which property prices will increase. Many experts have forecasted that this time is best for making an investment in the real estate. Many realtors & firms are buying properties and raw land for constructing societies. These societies will then be sold for higher prices in the future. Construction takes many years and if you count on these years, you can add the expected increase in the form of not rupees but percentages. For example consider the raw land prices in Gwadar now. In the location at a distance to port area, prices are quite lower. You can buy land there and construct a housing scheme because after a few years all those areas will be occupied and developed.